Robotics Trophies

The East Grand Forks Senior High is hosting a Senior High Robotics Tournament today!  This tournament has 47 teams competing for several trophies in different areas.  The gym is packed with kids, robots, and spectators!  

As of 2:30pm, one of our own teams, 9821A is in 2nd place and are undefeated.  The final round will be coming up in the next hour or so! Good Luck 9821A and the other 9821 teams!!

We will be hosting a Middle School Robotics Tournament tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 20th, 2024.

Here are a couple pictures to see the action:

The Gym and spectators!  

This is a practice ring for participants.

Rankings as of 2:30pm--sorry for the poor photo quality.

Practice ring with a couple of our 9821 team members.