Paula Devine-Physical Education

Ryan Kasowskii-Physical Education

Christina Dee-Health


  • Our Senior High Physical Education department offers a variety of fitness and lifetime sport activities for our required Freshman course. We not only want our students to be educated in the importance of fitness for life, but the importance of finding activities they enjoy; and can continue to be active in these activities throughout high school and beyond. Included are activities such as bowling, golfing, curling, volleyball, tennis, frisbee golf as well as many more. We also provide many electives for students to continue this activity as sophomores, juniors and seniors. Electives such as Core Strength and Cardio or Welllness and Fitness Club include various fitness activities as well as weight training, yoga, walking and even self defense for women. Our Weight Training classes are provided for beginners as well as the advanced lifter. Team Sport electives allow students to continue developing and playing sports at a more competitive level as well. And new to our electives line up are Officiating and Intro to Coaching.

  • For those students who qualify for DAPE under IDEA, we also have adaptive classes and individual adaptive instruction in physical education. These students also have the opportunity to practice and play inSpecial Olympic activities and competitions.

  • Health is designed to build upon the middle school health course. Health is designed to enable our students to be responsible, respectful, informed and capable when making decisions that impact the well being of themselves and others. Health areas to be explored include making responsible decisions; communicating effectively; mental & emotional health; building self-esteem; adolescence relationships & responsibilities; drugs, alcohol and tobacco; human sexuality; Family relationships, preventing abuse & violence; and peer pressure. Health is a course designed to help students learn the skills necessary for living. This course will stress the importance of maintaining good health.