Art Winners 2023

2023 Minnesota State High School Art Contest 

Congratulations to all of our students.  We entered 12 artworks and all 12 won awards.  EGF took 3 of the 12 Spotlight Awards!!!
Win 2023.jpg
Left to right: Julianna Peterson, Abigail Koho, Jerika Soltvedt, Alexis Bergeron & Sara Hasan (Madilyn Pederson) not pictured)
Computer-Based Artwork: Abigail Koho: Adpat Superior Medal and Category Spotlight Medal Winner

Digital Photography: Julianna Peterson: Broken Things: Superior Medal

Drawing: Madilyn Pederson: Blinded by Hysteria: The Weeknd Project Superior Medal, Julianna Peterson: Less & More Excellent Certificate, Camoflauged Thoughts Superior Medal, Face of a Woman Superior Medal

Mixed Media:  Abby Koho; Empress Superior Medal,  Sara Hasan: Pop Baby Superior Medal and Category Spotlight Medal Winner

Painting: Abigail Koho: Frame of Mind Superior Medal, Julianna Peterson: Broken Things Superior Medal

Sculpture: Jerika Soltvedt: Celine Excellent Certificate, Alexis Bergeron: Trash Panda Superior Medal and Category Spotlight Medal winner

Check out our video:

EGF 2023 MSHL Art Contest

Jessica Genett
High School Visual Arts Educator