school board

Back Row: Lynn Brott, Lindsey King, Amanda Holweger

Front Row: Josh Perkerewicz, Eric Useldinger, Brandon Boespflug


Email Addresses

Lynn Brott, School Board Chair

Brandon Boespflug, School Vice-Board Chair

Lindsey King, School Board Clerk

Eric Useldinger, School Board Treasurer

Amanda Holweger, Director

Josh Perkerewicz, Director


2024 Committee Assignments

CLICK HERE for the 2024 School Board Member Committee Assignments.


School Board

The ISD 595 Board of Education acts as a link between the school district and the general public. The main roles of the School Board are to set policies to guide the district and hire a Superintendent to carry out the board policies, adopt a balanced budget and oversee the quality of education in the school district.

The School Board is made up of six residents of ISD #595 elected from the general public.

  • Members are elected at large to 4-year terms

  • Member are compensated annually at the rate of $5,800/year

Below is a video of What School Boards Do