EGF Payroll

East Grand Forks Public Schools pays employees by direct deposit. Net payroll amounts will be deposited each payroll period in an employee’s checking or savings account. This account must be located at any ACH participating financial institution.  

To set up a direct deposit, employees must provide the district office with an original voided check (or bank routing number in case of a savings account) for the account that is to be used for direct deposit.

Employees are allowed to change their direct deposit as long as changes are submitted to the payroll department no later than 5 business days in advance of the payday transaction. Contact the payroll department if you need to make changes over the summer.

All regular employees will be paid semi-monthly on the 13th and 28th of each month, or the business Friday preceding if that falls on a Saturday or the business Monday following if that falls on a Sunday. All regular school-year employees will have their contracts paid in equal payments from September 15th through August 30th of the following year.  Employee’s pay stubs and W-2’s can be viewed/printed on-line via SMARTeR by the employee. W-2’s will be printed and mailed to employees if they do not want to view their W-2 online.

To view and print your paystubs, time off and tax forms, log in to Smart Systems.