Instructional Technology

The technology program strives to address the program needs of students, the information delivery needs of teachers and administration, the data delivery requirements of government services, and the communication needs of district staff, parents and community stakeholders. The Instructional Technology department provides or facilitates training opportunities for employees. By providing training on the district's standardized software, we aim to ensures that district employees are learning effective uses of technology for both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr. Jason Kalt, Computer Support Technician

Phone: (218) 201-2092

Email: jkalt@egf.k12.mn.us

Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from Northland Community and Technical College in 1998

Mr. Carl Warrene, Computer Support Technician

Phone: (218) 773-1141 or (218) 773-1149

Email: CWARRENE@egf.k12.mn.us