Greetings, I'm Kale Stroup, and I'm thrilled to lead Central Middle School's esports program for the second year as the General Manager (GM). As your dedicated GM, I am happy to assist with any inquiries regarding the esports season at CMS. Thank you for your interest, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

phone #: 701-891-1591

email: kale.stroup@fenworks.com

Good afternoon, Student and Parents,

Reminder - Esports Team Meeting:  in the CMS Library/Media Center for those who have registered to participate this season (registration closed ).  This meeting will serve as a final rundown to discuss the season, identify practice schedules, and designate teams.

Teams will be created based on 1) student’s preferred game title 2) students’ skill level for that game title 3) if that student has friends they would prefer to play with. We recognize that many students might naturally have friends they game with and we don’t want to ruin natural chemistry. If your student doesn’t have friends they play with, we will use this time to find them a team to be on. This will also be the date you gain access to the discord. Apologies for any confusion regarding the Fenworks Discord Server and how to join, this will all be clarified at the meeting!

Preseason (optional): After the teams have been created, we will start having them practice playing in the optional preseason starting Monday, November 6. The pre-season is an opportunity to get a feel for what the season structure will look like. I will encourage everyone to participate in the preseason, but this is not required.

Season Dates: The tentative season dates are as follows. These will be confirmed before our meeting in October. 

Optional Preseason: November 6 - November 17

Season: November 27 - February 2 (8 weeks)

Holiday Break: December 25 - January 5

Prep Week(s) for state: February 5 - February 16

Tentative State Tournament: February 22 – February 25