March 24, 2020

South Point Students, Families, and Friends,

We at South Point have been thinking a lot about you - our students, parents, and community. Your health and safety are our top priorities and the center of our decision-making process. As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread throughout the nation, we have consistently looked for ways to protect the health and safety of our students, families, and employees. 

During the past few days since South Point was closed to students, teachers have been working hard to develop alternate ways to provide consistent, equitable education for our students. We have been working on Distance Learning and developing instructional materials for our students to work on from home. We have used this time to assess the technical capacity of our school families and we are looking for ways to provide digital homeschool connections for all South Point families. As we continue working on technical logistics, we are ready to start providing instructional materials as we roll out our digital platform. As we put together the digital platform, your grade level teachers will be sharing additional information concerning devices, programs, and internet connections. Stay tuned - there will be much more information coming on this topic. 

To get started, the teachers have developed instructional materials for students to begin their first week of distance learning. The classroom teachers will be sharing information and expectations for each of their students. On Friday, March 27, South Point will be distributing these instructional materials. Because of social distancing guidelines, we would like to spread out the times that parents come to school to pick up their students' materials.

We will continue to work with the Governor, Minnesota Department of Education and Public Health Officials to make decisions about how to best serve the needs of our students based on current conditions. Our decisions are grounded in the belief that student safety is paramount. 

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and incredible support. We are always stronger together and we look forward to working through these challenging times.


Dr. Torkelson

Dr. Dunn