New Heights Routes to School

New Heights Elementary School Safety Tips 

1. Please only exit the drop off/ pick up lane here. Please watch for students crossing the sidewalk there. 

2. Handicap parking is available here. 

3. Please watch for students and adults using the crosswalks all along 6th Ave NW and 15th St NW. Please role model good behavior and use crosswalks to cross the street and do not cross mid block. 

4. When you are using the drop off/ pick up lane do NOT get out of your car. Students must exit the car on the curbside/school side, not into traffic. 

5. Please use the south side of 15th St NW to drop off and pick up students. They must exit on the curb/grass side, NOT into traffic. 

6. Do not use staff parking lot to park and drop off or pick up students. 

7. Buses will drop off and pick up students here. 

Car and Booster Seat Reminders 

• Kids 12 and under should ride in the back seat of the vehicle. Airbags in the front can be dangerous and the best place for them to ride is in the back seats and away from the airbags that could deploy in a crash. 

• Kids under age 8 need to be in a car or booster seat accordingly to the MN law. That being said, most kids aren't ready to ride with just the adult seatbelt until they are 4'9", usually somewhere between 8-12 years of age. For car seat or seat belt fit questions, please contact Safe Kids Grand Forks at 701.780.1489. 

• All kids in the vehicle need to be buckled up in the proper restraint. You cannot "double buckle” kids in a seatbelt and the driver is responsible for assuring that every one is properly restrained. If you plan to carpool, assure that you have a car or booster seat for each child that would need one. 

• Kids follow what adults do, so be a good role model and buckle up too! 

If you need your car seat checked, you can come to one of our car seat check up events held at the EGF Fire Station or at Rydell Service Center monthly. 


Minnesota SAFE ROUTES to School