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November 2019

Monday 11th: CMS Veteran’s Day Program 8th Band & Pop Singers (10:00 am)

Monday 25th: CMS 7/8 BANDS & Jazz Band (7:00pm)

Tuesday 26th: CMS 7/8 CHOIRS & Pop Singers (7:00pm)

December 2019

Wednesday 4th: CMS 7/8 Vocal Solo/Ensemble Contest (am)

Wednesday 11th: CMS 7/8 Vocal Solo/Ensemble Contest (am - backup weather date)

Thursday 12th: 5th Grade Band Concert (1:10pm only)

Thursday 12th: CMS 6th Grade Band and Choir Concert (7:00pm)

Wednesday 18th: CMS Jazz Band and Pop Singers perform for 6th grade (2:15pm)

January 2020

Tuesday & Wednesday 28th & 29th: Myra Jazz Festival (TBA)

February 2020

Thursday 20th: CMS Large Group Festival, 8th Grade Band in the PAC (am only)

March 2020

Monday 2nd: Potato Feed, all schools (4:00pm - 8:30pm)

Thursday 12th& Friday March 13th: CMS Musical (7:00 pm)

Monday 16th - Potato Feed (backup weather date)

Tuesday 17th: CMS Band Solo/Ensemble Contest at UND (am)

April 2020

Tuesday 21st : CMS 7/8 BANDS/Jazz Band (7:00pm)

Thursday 23rd: CMS 7/8 CHOIRS & Pop Singers (7:00pm)

Thursday 30th: 5th Grade Band Program (1:10pm & 6:00pm)

Thursday 30th: 6th grade Band and Choir concert (7:00 pm)

May 2020

Wednesday 6th: CMS 8th Grade Festival in Crookston (All Day)

Thursday 14th: CMS Band Breakfast (7:30am - 8:20am)

Tuesday 19th: CMS Jazz Band and Pop Singers Tour (NH & SP - am only)

Wednesday 20th: Band Buddy Picnic (11:30 at Senior High)