• District Kicks Off Superintendent Search


    The Board of Education for East Grand Forks Public School recently took steps to start the superintendent search process to select a new leader for the school district. The Board met in a work session on December 17 with a representative of PEER Solutions, a consulting firm that will assist the Board with the search. Among the decisions made at the work session, the Board agreed to post the vacancy through the month of January and complete an initial applicant screening in February. The Board intends to solicit significant input from citizens and staff members as the search proceeds. Stakeholder groups will be assembled to help develop a set of characteristics to be sought in the new leader and to identify the most important things that these groups wish to have accomplished in the first couple of years of the new person’s service to the district. These input sessions will be scheduled for late January or early February. Individuals who are interested in participating in the process should contact Anthony Palmiscno at tpalmiscno@egf.k12.mn.us or Valerie Korynta at vkorynta@egf.k12.mn.us by Friday, January 22, 2016.


    Interviews for the position are tentatively scheduled for early March. Four or five finalists are likely to be called in for interviews. Once again, the Board intends to include citizens and staff members on interview teams. Team members are likely to be drawn from individuals involved in the input sessions that will take place earlier.


    It is expected that a new superintendent will be named by mid to late March and that this person will begin service to the district on July 1, 2016. Questions about the search process should be directed to Anthony Palmiscno.