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From the Principal

South Point Newsletter

April 2014

Dear South Point School Parents and Students,

The fourth reporting period is underway. Our spring Parent /Teacher Conferences were held and once again thank you for the wonderful turnout. Your feedback is important to us as we work to make our educational programs the best they can be. We value your comments and your involvement helps to make South Point an excellent school. Also, during conferences, our Library Spring Book Fair was a great success and again we thank you for your support.

On behalf of the South Point PTO, I would like to invite all New Heights and South Point families to attend the annual “Family School Carnival” event, which will be held Friday, April 25th. Please mark this date on your calendar for a fun evening with your family and friends! Planning is currently progressing and if you are willing to help the next planning meeting will be Thursday, April 3rd at 7:00 hosted at New Heights.

Rehearsals are currently taking place as we prepare for the South Point “The Fifth Grade Program”.  The music teacher, fifth grade teachers and students are preparing for this big event scheduled for Thursday, April 3rd. The 3rd Grade program is scheduled for April 29th and the 5th Grade Honor Chorus will perform on May 6th.

This years MCA testing dates are as follows:
Reading – April 14-18
Math – May 5-9
Science – May 12, 13, 14 (5th Grade Students only)

Please continue to remind your children to dress for the cool weather as spring approaches.  We appreciate your help in reminding your children to look both ways when crossing the parking lot and streets while walking to and from school.

We look forward to the continued success of our school year and thank you for the support you have shown for all the school activities that we have at South Point School.

Dr. Jim Torkelson
South Point, Principal

April 3          PTO Meeting 7:00 @ New Heights
April 3          5th Grade Program
April 14-18  MCA Reading   
April 18        Good Friday (no school)
April 25        Elementary Carnival
April 29        3rd Grade Program
May 5-9         MCA Math
May 6             5th Grade Honor Chorus
May 12-14     MCA Science



Principal: Jim Torkelson

Grades: 3-5
School Hours: 8:25 - 2:55
Office Hours: 7:30 - 4:30

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Dates to Remember

April 3  PTO Meeting 7:00 @ New Heights

April 3  5th Grade Program

April 14-18  MCA Reading

April 18  Good Friday (no school)

April 25  Elementary Carnival

April 29 3rd Grade Program


May 5-9 MCA Math

May 6  5th Grade Honor Chorus

May 12-14  MCA Science

Testing Schedule

April 2014:

15  GRAD Written Composition Retest Grades 10-12
22  GRAD Written Composition Retest Grades 10-12 (make-up)

May 2014:

9 MCA Reading Grades 3-8, 10 and Mathematics Grades 3-8, 11 online ends
  MCA-Modified Reading Grades 5-8, 10 and Mathematics Grades 5-8, 11 online ends
  MTAS Reading, Mathematics, and Science Ends

16  MCA Science Ends